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My Agrifac is a portal that offers the user a variety of services that make an important contribution to increasing business effectiveness. The portal is available for all parties: growers, contractors, dealers and employees of Agrifac. On My Agrifac there is a personalised dashboard where you can find the latest news, announcements and the Parts Store. In just a few clicks you can follow your machine in real time. All relevant information can be found in a central location, so that service requests can also be easily handled. This platform is easily accessible via your internet browser or via the specially developed app.

It is a combination of web and mobile tooling that is used to optimize the service activities for installed Agrifac machines. The specially designed service tool is available for Agrifac service personnel and all related dealers and service partners. This way, the right person has direct access to all relevant machine information, from maintenance history to real-time data, collected by Condor Connected. The app is also used to share knowledge from a central point in order to provide every machine with the right parts.

Condor Connected

Because the new generations of Condor and Condor Endurance have direct connections to the internet, this offers a total insight into the performance of your machine. My Agrifac offers a platform that gives you details of all documentation in and around your machine, of course online but even when you are offline too. Once your machine is operational you can follow it through My Agrifac.

My Agrifac offers numerous possibilities, including optimization of business operations through preventive and predictive maintenance of your machine. Where preventive maintenance based on fixed schedules geared to a specific situation contributes to optimal planning, predictive maintenance offers smart predictions based on the recognition of patterns.

Service Tool

By equipping every service employee in the Agrifac network with the service tool, the service provision is also carried out optimally and effectively. All service employees have direct access to all relevant information, from maintenance history to live data from Condor Connected. In addition, knowledge is shared centrally via the app and every machine is supplied with the right parts accordingly.

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My Agrifac
  • Personalised dashboard
  • Direct access to all relevant machine information
  • Preventive and predictive maintenance of your machine
  • Real-time data
  • Online parts store
  • Service tool
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