From Central Bureau to Agrifac

Agrifac's history dates back to 1939, when the "Central Bureau" started selling "Platz" potato sprayers. In 1955 AMAC started to manufacture potato harvesters. In 1973 AMAC also started to manufacture sugar beet harvesters. In 2008, the AMAC brand name was changed into Agrifac.

Important milestones:

1939  "Centraal Bureau" sells from Steenwijk "Platz" potato sprayers
1948 Marshall aid Oliver tractors are being equipped with sprayers
1951 First production of tedders in Steenwijk
1955 Start Amac (Aardappelrooimachine Met Aanbouw constructie)
1962 "Central bureau" becomes "Cebeco"
1973 Sprayer production from Geldermalsen to Steenwijk
1973 First Amac 3-row sugar beet harvester
1986 First self-propelled Cebeco sprayer
1994 Purchase Cebeco Steenwijk by Doeko Blaauw 
2008 Purchase Agrifac by Peter Millenaar, Doeko Blaauw and Ton Verhoeven
2009 Purchase Agrihold UK and name change to Agrifac UK
2009 Purchase Matrix Agritech Technical Service and name change to Agrifac