Agrifac - HOLMER Exxact Terra Felis 2

With the Terra Felis 2, a new era in beet cleaning and loading technology is about to commence. With the Terra Felis 2, a consistent and innovative new development has been achieved for the first time as compared with the beet cleaning loader concepts used so far.

Whereas it was previously not possible to adapt the cleaning performance to the current, prevailing loading conditions which may fluctuate considerably during the campaign, this is exactly what the Terra Felis 2 permits. The Holmer cleaning loader features a pick-up, so far unique on the market, and a completely redefined post-cleaner, the Holmer-VarioCleaner. Thus, Holmer ensures in both key elements an extremely gentle treatment of the beets along with optimum cleaning quality and maximum loading efficiency.

Special innovations in the Terra Felis 2:

  • Adaptation of the cleaning performance to the prevailing conditions in the campaign via
  • variation of the rotational speed ratio between distribution and gathering rollers in the pick-up => adaptation of the cleaning track
  • variation of the intensive cleaning track in the post-cleaner
  • Touch-screen user interface "HOLMER EasyTouch“ for machine control
  • 9.50 m pick-up width versus 15.00 m transfer scope

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