Agrifac - HOLMER Exxact Terra Dos T4-40

The Terra Dos T4-40 is equipped with proven KOS2 toppers and DLG award-winning HR lifter unit, at choice in a 6-row or 9-row version. The combination of the 900 mm wide transfer web with the new portal axle provides for a maximum passage and high throughput and increases the transfer web capacity to 40 % above that of competitors' products. The proven and reliable HOLMER turbine cleaning system with rotational speed control and adaptive cleaning gently removes soiling which adheres to the beets. An extra large elevator belt with a width of 1,000 mm (12 % above that of comparable 3-axle beet harvesters) easily moves the beet flow into the holding tank with a capacity of more than 30 tons, which is equipped with electronic level monitoring. The discharge elevator being supplied with beets from both sides, the holding tank can be emptied in no time. Speed and gentle treatment of the transverse slat conveyer and discharge elevator thanks to even loading of chains and belt are major benefits in the holding tank emptying process. Thus, the Terra Dos T4-40 is tantamount to gentle handling of the beets along with maximum throughput.

On the front axle, the 3-axle vehicle concept relies on the proven IF 800/70 R 38 tyres with 1.6 bar tyre pressure. 

On the centre and rear axles, 1050/50 R32 tyres are used. These require a tyre pressure of 2 bar for driving operation. The rear axle can be loaded hydraulically, which enables even axle load distribution. This ensures an optimum, uniform load distribution on all axles and harvesting with minimum damage to the soil. The rear axle consists of a suspended floating axle for optimum adjustment to ground contours and stability on inclines.

The rear axle is designed as floating axle with thrust tube suspension, meaning independent resilient and floating movements. Swinging can be blocked via the hydraulic system in order to achieve an even higher stability on side slopes. The function of the suspension remains in effect. But the new 3-axle model made by HOLMER does not only owe its leading position among all the beet harvesters on the market to its technical innovations. It is special thanks to its newly designed HOLMER comfort cab 2 - not only in terms of appearance. The gigantic panoramic cab provides optimum vision through the one-piece windscreen with low-profile edge and ensures an optimum view over the working units.

The T4 features a hydrodynamic cab suspension for supreme sound and vibration absorption on long working days.

The innovative operating concept with  jog-dial terminal control - well-known from the automotive industry - which is positioned on the new multifunctional armrest, facilitates operation significantly. HOLMER terminal control is effected via the HOLMER EasyTouch touchscreen terminal. The new multifunctional lever is synonymous for ergonomic and efficient working. The vehicle is equipped with a Mercedes Benz mtu R1500 six-cylinder in-line engine with 15.6 litres piston displacement. The engine, with a performance of over 600 HP, reaches emission standard EuroMot 4 based on AdBlue. Thanks to its multi-pump drive with pump piping units which can be switched OFF, to the highly efficient diesel engine with Turbo Compound System and to the new-generation Sauer Danfoss high-pressure bent-axis motors, diesel consumption of the new HOLMER three-axle model can be minimized. Thus, the Terra Dos T4-40 meets the highest demands in terms of economic efficiency, effectiveness and speed combined with extremely gentle treatment of soil and beets.

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